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Who do you entrust with overseeing and managing one of your organizations largest expenses?

Alera GroupWe are Employee Benefits Brokers.  Solving your problems and overseeing your group employee benefits is our core focus. Our highly experienced team possesses a breadth and depth of knowledge that distinguishes us in the employee benefits industry. Broad Reach Benefits, an Alera Group Company, provides you with complete oversight of your employee benefit plans including consulting, actuarial and underwriting expertise, HR compliance advice and tools, access to diversified domestic and international products and cutting-edge benefits and HR technology. We embed ourselves within your organization. We will understand your specific situation and we have your back.  Above all, our interests are aligned with yours.

Sounds good, right? The problem is that most employee benefits brokers and advisors (the hunters) say all the right things and promise you the sun, the moon, and the stars when they are out selling to you. But you know what happens once you sign on the dotted line. You get handed off to their account manager and customer service people (the farmers) for all the day-to-day transactions. The insurance broker/advisor, who has all the benefit consulting expertise, vanishes into the woodwork never delivering the consulting and oversight that was promised. It’s no accident. Those brokers are compensated and incentivized by their firms to sell, not provide ongoing consulting.

The Broad Reach Benefits Team was designed from the ground up to provide a consultative approach to employee benefits, not a big box store impersonal and reactive transactional customer service model. Sound like marketing hype? Don’t take our word for it. We invite you to talk with our current clients to learn about the Broad Reach Benefits difference.  Real People.  Real Relationships.  Unreal Results.


Are you paying your benefits broker commission on your medical program? Paying compensation as a percentage of premiums ties the broker’s compensation to medical inflation which makes zero sense. Compensation should be based on a fixed fee arrangement which aligns your interests and the brokers.Learn More
We’re your link to timely and to the point  webinars conducted by industry subject matter experts covering a wide range of topics. With more than 30 webinars a year, you’ll have access to experts that provide you with cost and time savings solutions for your business while making sure you stay on top of the latest compliance news. Learn More
With years of experience serving the law firm community, our employee benefits team understands the complexities of designing, installing and servicing employee benefit programs for your attorneys and staff.  Find out why the best in the legal community trust the Broad Reach Benefits Team.Learn More

Is your benefits broker really doing anything for you besides delivering a spreadsheet?

The benefits firm you’ve entrusted to manage your benefits isn’t providing you with the metrics needed to properly manage your benefit plans from year to year, your benefit costs are increasing at unsustainable rates, you’re understaffed and your HR people can never get ahead because they are always dealing with the daily administration of your employee benefits.  Sound familiar?

What you need to know is that your increasing employee benefits costs are merely the symptom. Simply shopping the market each year is not going to address the underlying issues that are specific to your employee population and driving your increasing costs.  Unfortunately, shopping the market is the only thing the vast majority of benefits brokers, payroll companies and these new “technology” companies do when they handle your companies employee benefits.

We’re employee benefit specialists, not a big box brokerage firm or payroll company with a sales force peddling policies. Instead of just shopping the market and providing you with a spreadsheet of options we analyze your plans using underwriting, actuarial analysis and data mining to understand what is driving increased costs within your population. Armed with this knowledge we’ll provide you with a solutions-based approach that controls costs, lowers the trajectory of future rate increases, mitigates risk to your organization, enhances and supports your management and human resource team and provides for the needs of your employees and their families. You’ll see reduced expenses and a streamlined employee benefits process that allows you to focus on other strategic issues instead of compliance and employee benefits administration.

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