What’s it like to work with Broad Reach Benefits?

We frequently hear from our clients that we are like no other group employee benefits broker they have ever worked with. Rather than run with the pack, we developed a completely different business model and philosophy.

Instead of simply copying the industry template for an employee benefits brokerage firm we developed our own unique approach.  Why?  When we looked around at our own industry to see what everyone else was doing we found an incredible gap between what employers in the 30 to 999 employee space truly needed and the services that the typical employee benefits firms were providing.

A TEAM Designed from the Ground Up to Solve your Business Issues, not Peddle Insurance Policies

Major changes in the economic and political landscape are driving companies to make dramatic changes to their business. From finance and health reform to infrastructure modernization, senior management is being challenged to implement meaningful changes that improve their organization’s competitive cost position, mitigate risk and meet growing compliance and reporting requirements. Given the dynamic nature of today’s economic and political environments, finding an employee benefit advisor with the right experience and team is essential to achieving your organization’s mission, now and in the future. The Broad Reach Benefits Team, in Madison, New Jersey, is comprised of experts with years of experience to navigate these disruptive times and bring common sense approaches to complex issues.

Our two office locations, in New Jersey and Tennessee, also service our clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and Connecticut. For contact information please see their listings below.

Why Work With Broad Reach Benefits

“Form and function should be one…”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Our function, or objective, is to help you improve your companies’ performance. That said, our form became very clear and very different from other employee benefits brokers. Our structure and the specific employee benefit services we provide were designed from the ground up to deal with the issues and problems that employers are facing today.

On the employer side it’s about understanding the impact Health Care Reform will have on you and your employees and having your options laid out clearly and concisely.  It’s about controlling the cost of the employee benefits and providing management with quarterly reviews and reports on your plans performance. You’ll always know what’s working and what needs adjustment. You won’t ever be surprised at year-end which makes the budgeting and decision-making process a whole lot easier. It’s about significantly reducing the amount of time your Human Resources and administrative staff spend administering the benefits allowing everyone to concentrate on more critical issues. It’s about making sure your organization is in compliance to avoid unnecessary fines and legal hassles.

For your employees, it’s all about keeping them informed and educated. Properly informed and educated employees are happier, have less downtime and are more productive which is essential to your bottom line no matter what your industry.

Technology is nothing without great people and we have great people! We hire and retain a highly specialized, professional, and experienced team and ensure that they are up-to-date on all the latest trends and information.  We believe in and practice continuing education for our team to enable each member to be on the cutting edge of new products, technology, companies and value-added services emerging in the marketplace.  Each team member compliments the other with their expertise, different skill sets, and talents to form a cohesive group of experienced benefits specialists.

We treat our employees with respect and concern, providing an environment in which to grow and flourish. In return, we expect employees to work with passion, commitment, and enthusiasm and to pay fanatical attention to customer service.

We invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology and systems to provide employee portals, online administrative tools, online libraries for HR administrators, healthcare cost modeling programs and benchmarking tools all designed specifically to save you time and money.

Much of this technology has been used by larger corporations for years. Economies of scale and the Internet now make it possible to bring all of these tools down to employers with as few as 30 employees. And best of all, we provide these powerful but simple to use tools to our clients at no additional charge.

How is it possible that Broad Reach Benefits can provide all this additional service, support, and technology for the same or less than we are currently paying?” It’s our favorite question and one that CFOs and Human Resource Professionals ask us all the time. The answer is remarkably simple.

Our allegiance is to our client’s needs. It’s a simple concept. We show our clients’ incomparable value, help them with their bottom line and the result is a successful partnership.

When you work with us you can expect quick and responsive answers. When you pick up the phone and call you’ll get a live person who actually knows what they are doing and can help you immediately, not some ridiculous phone tree with 53 options that eventually dumps you into someone’s voicemail who is “in the office today but will be in and out of internal meetings all day”.

Above all we’re flexible. Different clients need different things. Although we have a variety of products, services, and technology, we approach each situation with the same attitude: First, we listen and then we work with you to design solutions that will produce sustainable results for your company.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Certified

Employee Benefits National Association of Health Underwriters  Benefit Advisors Network Smart Partners

How Did We Do?

An independent consultant surveyed a cross section of our clients to find out how they felt about Broad Reach Benefits.  Clients were asked to rate specific elements of our performance on a scale with 1 being the lowest, 100 being the highest.

Broad Reach Benefits Staff 96
Quality of Work 91
Overall Service 92
Accessibility / Response Time 95
Overall Communications 93
Aggressive in Negotiating with Carriers on our Behalf 96

Our Core Beliefs

  • In order to be effective we need to understand your specific business, culture and employee needs.
  • People matter and we understand that what we do impacts your employees and their families. This is not just about numbers on a spreadsheet. All of our staff operates with this understanding. This is the heart of our organization.
  • It is our job to continuously monitor your business needs, assess risk and perform due diligence on all of your programs on an annual basis.
  • There should be no surprises so we always keep you up to date.
  • You are never alone. We will help guide you through the regulatory changes, addressing how they will impact your bottom line and your employees. We will be a steady presence in the midst of the uncertainty.
  • We are your advocate.
  • Our role is to aggressively fight for you and your employee's interests.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • We believe in a service-oriented model.
  • Our entire team is always accessible to you and your employees.

Our Locations

Employee Benefits and Insurance

Broad Reach Benefits
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4 Century Drive • Suite 360
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Ph: (973) 377-8222 or (800) 272-1144
Fax: (973) 377-8334

TN Office

Employee Benefits and Insurance

Broad Reach Benefits
An Alera Group Company
367 Riverside Drive
Suite 118
Franklin, TN 37064
Ph: (615) 591-6399 or (800) 916-6399