The AleraHR suite of solutions will provide the HR knowledge, risk and safety resources and
compliance expertise to help your organization be more productive, easily comply with workplace regulations
and avoid litigation. AleraHR will provide tools and resources that minimize your exposure to expenses
for attorneys or HR consultants.

Alera HR is an integrated suite of HR Knowledge, Content, and Training Solutions

AleraHR’s dynamic tools, checklists, builders and guides enable rapid
deployment of HR best practices across the entire organization.


Employee Onboarding Checklist Performance Review Tool
 Employee Termination Guidelines 50-State Employee Handbook Builder
HR Audit Checklists Salary Benchmarking
HR Compliance Checklist Q&A Database
Job Description Builder White Paper and Webinar Library
Compliance Guidelines Healthcare Reform Checklist

Mobile App

Employers and HR professionals can access the resources of AleraHR from anywhere through our mobile app.

Contact the Broad Reach Benefits Team to learn more about AleraHR and how it can help your organization.