Benchmark Surveys & Statistics

Have you ever wondered what other companies are doing with their benefits? How much they charge their employees for medical coverage? What’s the drug card copay? Do they match the employee contribution in the 401(K)? With our Benefits Benchmarking Report you’ll now have the answers you need.

What Does it Do?

Our Employee Benefits Benchmarking Report lets you view concrete data to know exactly how other companies structure their benefits packages. Drawing from a live database of companies  we can create custom reports that compare companies by region, industry and number of employees.

Instead of vague ideas of what others are doing, you’ll have the exact information you need to asses the competitiveness of your benefits package. Compared to other similar companies you’ll finally know if your benefits are richer or weaker and whether your employee payroll deductions towards the benefits are in-line. These reports are invaluable in assisting in strategic HR planning efforts and being able to accurately evaluate any proposed plan changes.