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Unique HR and Benefit Department Challenges for Law Firms

The Human Resource and Benefits departments of law firms face unique challenges when dealing with attorneys and staff, personnel issues, and hiring and retaining talent.  Because Broad Reach Benefits works closely with law firms of all sizes, we are familiar with the issues you face every day.  Some of the expected challenges HR and Benefits departments can keep in mind when working at a law firm include:

Reporting Structure
While attorneys must supervise the legal work conducted by paralegals and assistants, there is often a reporting structure within the legal support staff, as well as the need to report to HR for performance, administrative, and personnel issues. With so many levels and layers in the organization, consistency is key. It is important to have a handbook that everyone can reference and rely on and an engaged HR department that maintains professionalism and proactively avoids conflict. […]

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Law Firms- Do you really Know What’s in Your Group Long Term Disability Contract?

Group Long Term Disability insurance (LTD) is intended to protect the income of the firms partners or directors, of counsel, attorneys and staff in the event they suffer an injury or illness.  It’s a very inexpensive benefit to purchase yet arguably one of the most important.  Group LTD can ultimately cover millions of dollars of potential loss in the event of a permanent disability.  Many law firms fail to realize that subtle features and provisions within their group policy can dramatically increase or decrease the payout for a claim until a claim unfortunately occurs.

Through our years of experience working with the legal profession we’ve developed a systematic approach to providing specialized coverage for law firms.  As part of the Broad Reach Benefits process, our team provides you with a group LTD plan audit.  By providing us with a copy of your current LTD summary plan description and answering a few questions we can produce a detailed assessment of any potential areas of weakness in your current LTD contract.  Since each insurance carrier can provide varying levels of contracts it is critical to understand what and how your contract provides protection. Most benefit brokers provide a simple spreadsheet comparison that takes an executive summary view of the benefits and compares prices.  This approach will not show the “under the hood” provisions and clauses that will have a dramatic impact on benefit payouts in the event of a claim.

Below are a few questions to consider when thinking about your current group LTD policy: […]

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