So, a key employee becomes disabled and luckily you have a great group Long Term Disability Plan and an Individual Disability Plan on top to provide the employee with the needed income while they are laid up.  But what about their retirement plan?  While they are out on total disability there are no contributions going in to fund their retirement.

Retirement Plan Contribution Protection allows employers to offer their employees a unique benefit that helps protect their retirement plan contributions in the event of a total disability.
If they become totally disabled, this program will pay up to 100% of the amount they’re currently contributing to their retirement plan – including the employer match – to an irrevocable trust.
While totally disabled, employees can decide how they want their trust assets invested.When the employee reaches age 65, the trust distributes all accumulated assets to the insured!  This can be offered to employees on a voluntary basis (employee paid) or the employer can pay for the coverage for just their senior management as an example. Premiums are inexpensive.  This is just one of the many strategies we make sure our clients are aware of with regard to their employee benefits.