COBRA Administrative Software

Not paying attention to COBRA can be a very costly mistake!

The rules and requirements are complex, nitpicky and always changing. However, the daily administration can now be fully automated using “smart” COBRA administration software.

If you have between 20 and 250 employees and are handling COBRA in-house then you should be using an automated system that won’t let you make a mistake. When compared to time-consuming manual administration and on-going COBRA training expenses, an automated system can have a real impact on your bottom line.

Free To Our Clients

We provide our clients with free COBRA administration software. This software automates the COBRA process saving you time handling COBRA and reducing your chance of making a costly mistake. You simply tell the system what the event is (new hire, employee termination, etc.) and the system automatically takes the appropriate action.

Complex and Error-prone Task

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) is one of the most complex and error-prone tasks faced by HR administrators today. It is very easy for an employer to fall into a state of non-compliance, exposing the company to costly IRS audits, severe IRS penalties and costly litigation from people whose rights to health insurance coverage have been violated.

More than a simple record-keeping system

The system frees HR administrators from the time and expense of acquiring and maintaining expertise in COBRA law. You and your staff don’t need to be COBRA experts. Each time the law changes (as it does in 2004 with the new DOL proposed regulations) the software is updated, minimizing your time and expense of maintaining expertise in the law. You are always in compliance and the system keeps accurate history records in case they are ever needed. The software is also educational tool, guiding, teaching and advising the administrator every step of the way.

Program Highlights:

Folders of information are neatly organized in a familiar explorer-style interface.
Includes animated tutorials, which get you up and running quickly.
Simple, direct access to features via pop-up menus.
Automatic reminders of critical deadlines.


Automatically administers complex COBRA rules — simply tell the system what happened and when (termination, Medicare entitlement, FMLA, COBRA election, etc.), and it does the rest.
Automatically maintains a detailed event history, including copies of all notices sent and detailed recipient information.
Automatically generates over 40 customized (not boilerplate) notifications.
Automatically generates premium payment schedules and includes payment processing and receivables tracking.
Automatically monitors time-sensitive data


HIPAA Certificate of Creditable Coverage.
Employee & Dependent Profiles & Lists.
COBRA Participant Reports.
COBRA Accounts Receivable Reports.
COBRA Event History Reports.


Your sensitive employee information is always safely encrypted on your disk drive. It cannot be viewed, printed or modified by third-party programs.

Logon and encrypted password security ensures that only authorized personnel have access to your employee and COBRA files.

Beware of Brokers Handling COBRA Administration!

We are aware that some employee benefits brokers “help” their clients by handling the COBRA administration. The vast majority of these brokers are not administering COBRA properly and are putting the employer at great risk. Just because the broker handles this function does not relieve the employer of their obligations under the law.

In-House COBRA Administration Is Not For Everyone.

For those not wanting to get involved and for larger groups we team up with professional COBRA administrators. Let us help you avoid unnecessary penalties and make sure you are in compliance.