Group Employee Benefit Services with the Right Approach

Broad Reach Benefits in Madison, New Jersey utilizes a consultative approach that focuses on solving your problems, not a transactional model.  Our team solves the problems and headaches you encounter every day with employee benefits, finance (cash flow), human resources, technology, compliance, executive benefits, recruiting and retention.  Using our entire teams specialized knowledge we provide you with new ideas and solutions to help drive your bottom-line results.  Not once a year at renewal, but every day.

We know you by name.  We are involved with your HR staff, CFO, ownership and your employees.    We provide you with shockingly fast customer service and administrative support that will have an immediate positive impact on you and your company. Our team works for you and your employees and understands that employee benefits are a lot more than just providing you with a spreadsheet and fixing a few claim issues.

Choosing an Insurance Benefits Broker- What You Need to Know

A Tale of Two Business Models- Understand the difference in order to ask the right questions!Employee Benefits Services

Employee benefits firms are moving in one of two directions: Consultative vs. transactional.  The herd is moving towards a transaction-based model that commoditizes employee benefits.  It’s the big box store approach to employee benefits and insurance.  Commoditize the product for the masses to make it more cost effective to deliver standardized customer service. Works if you are selling hardware and appliances.

Hunters vs. Farmers

Transactional, big-box, insurance benefits firms rely on their hunters (the insurance brokers) to constantly feed the beast and bring in new business.  You’ve experienced this yourself- As soon as you sign on the dotted line the broker hands you off to the service team (the farmers) and is never heard from again until the next renewal or when it’s time to sell you something.

Make Sure You Get the Service and Support You Need

Any employee benefits firm you consider to entrust with managing one of your largest expenses needs to have access to a lengthy list of services and shiny cutting-edge technology.  It’s entry level to get through your door.  You need to make sure that the team that handles your account on a daily basis not only has access to tools, like actuarial analysis, but has the experience and consulting expertise to actually implement and use them  to proactively solve your problems (Translation: Lots of employee benefit firms tout all their consulting expertise and technology when they are trying to get you as a client.  But you know that few implement what they sold you on.  They just hand you off to the account manager.  In the end, they simply shop the market and provide you with a spreadsheet of options).  The brokers and advisors, who have all the knowledge, are paid to sell, not provide ongoing daily consultation.  Once you sign on the dotted line, they hand you off to their junior account team who hav