Complete Online HIPAA Privacy Manual

Almost every employer that offers health benefits to its employees will need to comply with HIPAA. We provide our clients with a complete HIPAA Privacy Manual that will help you understand and administer HIPAA. Having this resource at your fingertips in conjunction with our support takes the mystery out of dealing with HIPAA and its requirements. There’s no need for HR departments to spend $300 or $500 or more to purchase these documents as they are provided free to all our clients. Better yet, this is a readily available online version which is constantly being updated.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Title I of HIPAA governs portability of health benefits, special enrollment rights, and non-discrimination rules. Title II, Subtitle F of HIPAA governs “Administrative Simplification.” The Administrative Simplification Rules are intended to create a uniform system for processing, retaining, and securing health care information by encouraging the use of electronic technology, mandating standardization of health-related transactions, and ensuring the security and privacy of health information (Aren’t you sorry you asked?).

Where do I begin?

The manual provides initial steps that an employer might wish to take by using easy to follow Compliance Checklists. These initial checklists provide an overview of the basic determinations an employer must make and then illustrates step by step what needs to be done to be in compliance. The manual also provides model agreements and sample notices.

Depending on your companies determined HIPAA compliance level, the steps you must take range from simple to advanced. Click here for a HIPAA Compliance Worksheet to determine your level of required HIPAA compliance for each of your health plans.

We Can Help

Making sure your company is in compliance with HIPAA is crucial to avoiding penalties, fees and other problems down the road. Your current broker or consultant should be talking to you about HIPAA and other compliance issues. If not, then we can help by providing you with the tools, answers and assistance you need and should be getting from your broker.