Overview: Executive Reimbursement Plans

Executive Reimbursement Plans pay 1st dollar tax-free benefits for out-of-pocket health care costs not paid by other health plans such as group medical, dental or vision coverage.  These programs can be put in place for three executives on up or for an entire class (employer defined) of executives or employees.    This plan is designed to work in any type of business entity:

  • C Corporations
  • Sub S

  • LLCs and LLPs

  • Partnerships

  • Not-for-profit Corporations

The Executive Reimbursement Plan  is a fully insured program approved by each applicable state insurance department.  The program supplements your group health plan and reimburses the defined executives or employees on a tax-free basis for their out-of-pocket expenses.  To the business, this is a normal deductible business expense.

The programs also provides participants and their families with assistance and access to specialty physicians to ensure the best care, executive physicals and  travel/medical emergency support around the globe.

Contact us to learn all of the details about how an Executive Reimbursement Plan can benefit your company, your owners and its valued employees.  For those of you with RSL AdvantEdge or Exec-U-Care plans we await your call!