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Client-centric Focus

We’re employee benefits advisors and brokers who want you to be successful, not just a client. If you’re  expecting a spreadsheet of options, know that Broad Reach Benefits is different. Our main focus is to help you improve your company’s performance and keep you work force healthy and efficient.
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Comprehensive Plan Design

Here at Broad Reach Benefits, we’ve worked diligently to develop a completely different business model, with client relationships at the center of what we do. That’s what makes us successful and what makes our clients happy. Instead of being just a name that provides options, we work with you and your specific goals to make your benefits plans work like they should.
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How Broad Reach is Different

At the end of the year, when it’s time to make budgeting decisions, we don’t pull any punches, leaving you surprised. If ever there is a change needed, you’ll know immediately, not at the end of the year. Our working model of close communication will make the process easier and more cost-effective.
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We’re Employee Benefits Advisors & Brokers for New York Organizations

new york stateBefore making any decisions, see the results of an independent consultant who surveyed a cross-section of our clients to find out how they felt about working with us.

We have an experienced team of advisors and employee benefits brokers who are dedicated to assisting your organization with granular control of your benefits, while lowering employee benefit costs overall.  Keeping costs manageable is one thing, but we have your best interests in mind and strive to keep your employees and their families protected.

As employee benefits advisors and brokers for NY State organizations and businesses, our firm specializes in working with organizations that have between 30 and 500 benefit-eligible employees.

The Challenges of Employee Insurance Are Managed By Broad Reach Benefits

Broad Reach benefits is an employee benefits advisory and brokerage firm that offers New York state businesses and organizations employee benefits products and services.  Navigating the many challenges of the employee insurance industry is something that we do and do well. We’ve been doing it long enough to know that as a business owner you want to keep costs manageable and keep your employees happy. While you focus on your business, we’ll focus on the challenges and details of benefits and insurance so that your business can continue to grow.

Whether your business is focused on small/medium sized business, manufacturing, technology, retail, finance, real estate, construction, services, or otherwise, we are dedicated to working closely with you and your organization in order to thoughtfully analyze your needs, set and meet manageable employer/employee goals, all while streamlining the costs in a manner that protects your business.

We’ll provide you with:

  1. Metrics on your employee benefits plans so that you can measure and track costs
  2. Independent third party actuarial and underwriting analysis done each and every year to guarantee you have the lowest costs
  3. Health and wellness based strategies that improve the health of your workforce and reduce costs.
  4. Health Care Reform advice and oversight. You’ll understand all your options and know exactly what you have to do to remain compliant.
  5. The “A” team. Unlike large big-box brokerage and consulting firms, we specialize in working with employers with fewer than 500 employees. You always get our “A” team and are never handed off to the “B” or “C” team once you sign on the dotted line.

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Employers today are facing new challenges and significant market and regulatory uncertainty in managing their businesses. It’s therefore not surprising to see that the 5,536 employers that responded to our Broker Services Survey are expecting more service, support, technology and of course advice from their insurance brokers.

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