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Commission vs. Flat-Fee Payment for Healthcare Benefit Brokers

Most CFOs and HR professionals would agree that an employee benefits broker should not get an automatic pay raise each time their medical rates increase. But if you’re like most companies, you pay your broker a commission and that’s exactly what happens. Find out why commissions aren’t in your best interest by downloading our white paper, Commission vs. Flat-Fee Payment for Healthcare Benefit Brokers.

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Why an Actuary Must Be on Your Employee Benefit Broker’s Team.

Does your employee benefit broker have an independent, third-party actuary on its team? If your broker does not use an actuary, then how is your broker negotiating renewal prices for your healthcare plan or helping you set your annual budget? Without an actuary your broker is most likely simply accepting end-of-year data about plan usage—which is frequently inaccurate—from insurance carriers or plan administrators? You may be leaving money on the table and losing the negotiation before it starts. Find out Why An Actuary Must Be On Your Employee Benefit Broker’s Team in this educational white paper.

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