Password Protected Resources Exclusively for Our Clients

BRB Client Access is a password protected online resource provided exclusively for our clients. It’s designed for human resource professionals and senior management who are responsible for various aspects of managing the employee benefits.

When Would You Go to BRB Client Access?

When you need to research virtually anything to do with benefits, HR and HIPAA. Look in the Resources area to explore a library of regulatory information, facts, model documents and communication tools from credible industry resources.
When we need to share information. Within BRB Client Access we can post documents and messages to each other in an encrypted environment and keep an organized trail of all correspondence.
When you want to be informed. You will find relevant news items and information that you need to know about as well as legislative guides.

Encrypted Communication

BRB Client Access allows us to send confidential and protected information back and forth in an encrypted environment as required by the HIPAA Security Rule. Personal information such as a census with personal identifiers like name, date of birth, home address and Social Security Numbers as well as claim information should not be sent via regular email. Unless it is encrypted, regular email is not secure and can be intercepted. We can now send encrypted email with attachments such as Excel spreadsheets, PDF and Word documents.

Employee Benefits Resource Database

BRB Client Access is available 24/7 whenever you seek the latest knowledge, news and resources regarding employee benefits issues. One of its most valuable tools is called Benefits Essentials. This award winning resource explains and simplifies complicated information about a host of key benefits and related areas. The information in Benefits Essential is provided by attorneys, CPAs and other appropriate professionals. You’ll find legislative guides with comprehensive information on COBRA, HIPAA, Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994 (USERR), FMLA, Section 125 Cafeteria Plans and Medicare Part D.

Promoting Wellness

Looking for help in promoting wellness? BRB Client Access contains a “To your wellness” educational series. There are over 80 articles addressing the most common health conditions and concerns, all based on extensive research of independent, objective sources of health education. Each uses simple terms to explain the condition: what it is, the symptoms, preventive measures and treatments. It’s enough to build awareness so that plan members can have intelligent conversations with care providers. Simply choose a topic and the system creates a PDF document you can either email or print out for distribution.

And Many More Resources!

You will find many other resources here when you need them. They include Recent and Proposed Regulations, a subscription to Employee Benefit News and an e-magazine of over 180 articles that you can use for employee communications ideas and more.