Customer Service

You’ve heard it all before. The benefits broker sits in front of you and proclaims that their company can provide customer service better than anybody else. He tells you that when those big bad insurance companies mess up, he’ll be there to fix it for you. And then you call…

“They always tell me they will take care of my billing and claims problems but I have to call them back over and over to find out what is going on”

“Every time I call I have to tell the whole story all over again. It’s such a waste of time…”

“It’s easier to just call the carrier than trying to get my broker to fix things.”

Our One-Call Customer Service will transform the way you work.

What is One-Call Customer Service?

It’s a simple concept. You make one call to Broad Reach Benefits with an issue, no matter how large or small. That one call sets into motion a process that guarantees we’ll stay on top of it, follow it through to resolution and keep you constantly updated on our progress. You will never have to wonder if anyone is really following through on your claim or billing problems because you haven’t heard back from them again. We guarantee it!

We believe exceptional customer service requires:

A system/process to guarantee consistency and delivery

Exceptional, friendly, knowledgeable people who truly care

Regular feedback so you always know where we are in the process

“It’s As If We Have An Outsourced HR Department”

When you hire Broad Reach Benefits as your broker, we step in as an extension of your HR department to handle all of your claim and billing issues. While there are significant advantages of working with Broad Reach Benefits, our clients tell us that our One-Call Customer Service has far and away had the greatest immediate and long-term impact for them.

With One-Call Customer Service you will never have to pick up the phone to call an insurance carrier again! Let us know what your issue or problem is and we then run with the ball. You and your staff are free to move on. It’s as if you’ve expanded your HR department with a full team of experienced benefit professionals. Our One-Call Customer Service is provided free as part of our Value-Added Services.

The System

Your first call starts the process. A state of the art computer system tracks your customer service issue and assigns an internal tracking number. By tracking each issue electronically (as opposed to a pad on someone’s desk!) we can tell at any given moment exactly what issues are open, the type and severity of those issues. This system allows anyone on our staff to instantly see what progress has been made, who has been contacted and what needs to be done.

During our quarterly plan reviews, we can provide you with a detailed history of all issues that we’ve worked on for you and your employees.

Our People

Even the best technology is useless without exceptional people. Our staff takes ownership of your issues. We take pride in resolving the vast majority of issues within a matter of hours, not days or weeks. We do this by going the extra mile. When simple information is required for completing a claim from a provider’s office we’ll contact that office, request the information directly and then forward it on the carrier. We think this makes a lot more sense than telling the employer to tell the employee to tell the doctors office to send the data to the carrier.

We have regular staff meetings to review any issues that are not resolved by the end of the day in which they are reported. This approach allows us to use the combined years of experience of everyone at BRB to solve your issues.


The cornerstone of superior customer service is feedback. We keep you continuously updated on the progress of your issues so you’ll always know what’s going on right up to the resolution. The vast majority of our feedback is simply a phone call to let you know that an issue has been fully resolved.

The ability to make one call to resolve your issues is an unbelievably powerful tool. We encourage you to speak with our clients about our shockingly fast customer service and how it has changed the way they work.