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Deals happen fast. Accurate, detailed analysis of benefits costs are required to properly evaluate, negotiate and close the deal. Private Equity needs an expert and seasoned employee benefits operating partner that moves fast. Super-fast turn-around time providing detailed current employee benefit costs and analysis of costs going forward in the first year when cash flow is critical.

The employee benefits budget represents one of an organization’s largest expenses. Understanding the true current cost of the employee benefits and having accurate cash flow modeling for the first year of ownership is essential to meeting your EBITDA goals. The last thing you need is understated or overstated employee benefits costs and therein lies the problem.

Nine times out of ten the premiums or funding levels set by the carrier or the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) are not accurate. They were set using carrier data that wasn’t verified, have assumptions in the retention that do not reflect the group’s data history, have not been updated on a quarterly basis to reflect the current emerging experience of the group or are out of alignment because no one was minding the store. An actuarial analysis needs to be completed by an independent third party actuary. At Broad Reach Benefits we engage third-party actuaries on every case to precisely determine the actual cost of the current employee benefits. Armed with the correct information you can confidently evaluate the true cost of the deal and effectively negotiate any transition of services agreement (TSA) relating to benefits.

New Ownership & Change

New ownership and the uncertainty of the change that can follow can scare the heck out of employees. Most organizations do a terrible job of communicating employee benefits let alone trying to communicate to their workforce what the impact of new ownership will have on the employee benefits. When employees face uncertainty and rationally or irrationally fear layoffs, losing their jobs or a reduction in benefits, claims tend to spike increasing costs. Up front effective communication to quell those fears is required.


At Broad Reach Benefits our team works as an extension of your management & HR team or will directly handle the entire process until you have a team in place. We’ll craft and execute the employee communications and enrollment process including pre-enrollment communications, custom employee benefit guides, setting up an online enrollment system (up, running and tested in less than 3 weeks), run educational meetings, conduct webinars for remote locations and more. Having a partner in place with the experience, resources and initiative to completely handle the employee benefits transition means one less thing your team has to worry about. We’ll get it done.

“Big-box” Store Firm or Involved, Motivated Experts on Your Team

It’s your choice. Any competent employee benefits firm can have someone sit in a cubicle and conduct “due diligence” on your proposed acquisitions. Yes, they will gather of all of the required documents. Check the box.

Wouldn’t you rather work with a firm that:

  • Is quick, nimble, takes ownership and acts as an Operating Partner.
  • Employs third-party actuaries to precisely determine the actual cost of the benefits as opposed to what insurance carriers or some unmotivated employee benefits brokerage firm working on commission thinks.
  • Works on a fee basis, not commission, so your interests and your employee benefits firm are aligned.
  • Will oversee and manage the entire employee benefit transition process.
  • Understands the impact employee benefit decisions have on the health and retention of employees and their families in your portfolio companies.
  • And, has dedicated team members that are a pleasure to work with

Reach out to us whenever you are ready for an enlightening discussion on how we can dramatically improve the acquisition and ongoing management of your portfolios employee benefits.

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