Real People
Real Relationships
Unreal Results

Knowledgeable. Reliable. Professional. Responsive. Trustworthy. are just a few words our clients use to describe us. Not to mention those that describe us as Courteous. Helpful. Fun. and having a Good Sense of Humor. We frequently hear from our clients that we are like no other group employee benefits firm they have ever worked with. Rather than run with the pack, we developed a completely different business model and philosophy.

“They are not out to just sell product. They are genuinely interested in helping us succeed as a business.”- William – CEO, Tennessee

Yes, these are real testimonials from our clients throughout the country. We’ve chosen not to print their full names and companies on the Internet for privacy reasons, but all names and contact information are available upon request.


“When the insurance market tends to produce higher rates, BRB outlines
several options that help me save money. I know I can rely on them.”

Edward T.
Controller & Human Resources Manager
New York


“They debunk all of the myths in the industry or mistruths told by other agents”

Sarah K.
New York


“Their commitment to their clients is evident in all of their interactions. They do the
best job they can to balance the needs of both the company and the employees.”

“Through their initiatives, we are able to provide our employees with the best options
for coverage possible. They have also assisted us with building a wellness program
that has impacted both overall health and costs of care.”

William C.


“We appreciate loyalty and partnership. We are very loyal to vendors who treat us
as though we’re partners. I feel we’re more than just partners, we operate
as family/friends….Priceless!”

“Broad Reach Benefits frees up my time by handling the interactions between employees and
Medical providers without me having to be involved.”

Carol C.
V.P. Finance & Administration


“Over the years, I have called Philip Cohen, President of Broad Reach Benefits, on a number of tough and unusual employee benefit issues. On each occasion, Phil has patiently analyzed the circumstances, accurately assessed the situation and the personalities involved, and recommended a detailed approach that has successfully resolved the dispute. Unlike many brokers and agents, Phil adopts a practical, step-by-step course of action. He looks at the “big picture” and takes into account the other side’s world view so that it thinks resolution favorable to me or any of Phil’s clients is in the opponent’s interest, too. Phil’s knowledge of insurance issues is extensive and his judgment is superb. He deserves a much richer reward than I can ever pay him.”

Douglas B. Esq.
New Jersey


“It’s hard to find a good broker. But Broad Reach Benefits is not like other benefits brokers, they go well beyond what most brokerage firms do: They actually want us to call them when we have issues to resolve with the carrier. That’s great for me – because we get much better response out of the carrier when we let BRB handle it for us.

“For example, we had an employee need emergency care – who wasn’t yet in the system. BRB not only got them in the system within a couple hours, but got the carrier to call the provider so that the care could begin immediately.

“Their follow-up has always been excellent. They have negotiated well for us every year to get our rates low. They genuinely show care and concern for us as an account.

“They’ll call just to say, ‘I know we got that issue taken care of last week, but I just wanted to see if you needed anything else’. From my experience, that’s very hard to find in a broker.”

Sheila K.
Director of Support Services


“Ten years ago our company discontinued dental coverage. Broad Reach Benefits found us the most affordable and convenient way to bring it back. They’ve given us outstanding service, our rate increases have been minimal, and they keep improving coverage over time rather than taking it away. Our employees love it!”

Joyce R.
HR Coordinator
New Jersey


“We have been with Broad Reach Benefits for a long time because they just plain take good care of me. They resolve our issues quickly. I usually get straight through to them when I call, and they always get back to me within an hour.

“They are always willing to spend time with us. They meet with all our employees at least once a year and really do a super job. They don’t bring in any of those awful carrier reps or enrollment specialists – they do it all themselves and they are always very prepared.”

Jeff F.
Director of Human Resources


“I kept running into roadblocks with the insurance companies. With Broad Reach Benefits, I don’t have the headaches. They research plans to get us the best coverage, they deal with the insurance companies directly, and they are always courteous and helpful on the phone.”

Terry L.
New Jersey


“Everyone at Broad Reach Benefits has such wonderful working personalities; they have earned 100% of my trust with an approach that is both very professional and very personable.

“Any questions that I ever have that I cannot accomplish on my own, BRB always takes the ball and runs with it, finds me any information that I need, and helps me to resolve some issues that are borderline irresolvable! As a matter of fact, today we had to conference with a carrier today to resolve a billing problem and BRB stuck by me the entire time because they had done their homework and knew that I was in the right.

“Working with a big insurance carrier can be a little intimidating. Since becoming our broker, BRB recommended a change in one of our carriers. We’ve now made that transition and it was incredibly smooth. They came on-site and presented to our [board] committee – and we all understood what they were saying! Unlike the typical mumbo-jumbo we were used to getting from most insurance people, BRB made everything incredibly easy for us to understand and for all of our staff as well.

“They do their job like they’re not any different than the rest of us. They are not conditioned like most brokers are to say things that are intended to confuse and overwhelm you to convince you to buy from them what is too difficult for you to understand. BRB is not like that at all, they have always made it easy to for us and our staff to understand the best options for our benefit needs.

“More than once we have had employees in need of extensive procedures that involved some serious billing issues that were beyond our ability to deal with. BRB sorted it all out for us and held a conference call with the employee and their HR manager to step them through the best way to handle the situation.

“They are always bringing us ways to improve our benefits or simplify our benefits administration workload.”

Kellie S.
Human Resources


“My experience with benefit brokers? You don’t want to know! I’ve always preferred to work directly with the carriers, because my experience with brokers has not been favorable at all. So, these last 2 years I’ve worked with BRB has been a new experience, and so far I’m very pleased!

“BRB is very resourceful, they are timely in their responsiveness, and they are anxious to please me as their customer – with the attitude, ‘Don’t you dare go anyplace else. I can take care of this problem for you – immediately!’

“This year we are doing open enrollment much earlier than we have in the past. We are also changing plans. I called BRB and I said I need rates early, I need rates next week – and I had them. They’ve managed to provide everything I’ve needed within our accelerated timeframe.

“When our employees have had problems with their coverage or a refund or a credit, they have worked effectively as the intermediary between us, the employee and the carrier, to get the problems resolved. They have also taken care of all my billing problems for me. I very much appreciate their ability to take problems and make them go away!”

Sara J.
Welfare Benefits Manager