Real People
Real Relationships
Unreal Results

Knowledgeable. Reliable. Professional. Responsive. Trustworthy. are just a few words our clients use to describe us. Not to mention those that describe us as Courteous. Helpful. Fun. and having a Good Sense of Humor. We frequently hear from our clients that we are like no other group employee benefits firm they have ever worked with. Rather than run with the pack, we developed a completely different business model and philosophy.

“They are not out to just sell product. They are genuinely interested in helping us succeed as a business.”- William – CEO, Tennessee

Yes, these are real testimonials from our clients throughout the country. We’ve chosen not to print their full names and companies on the Internet for privacy reasons, but all names and contact information are available upon request.


“When the insurance market tends to produce higher rates, BRB outlines
several options that help me save money. I know I can rely on them.”

Edward T.
Controller & Human Resources Manager
New York


“They debunk all of the myths in the industry or mistruths told by other agents”

Sarah K.
New York


“Their commitment to their clients is evident in all of their interactions. They do the
best job they can to balance the needs of both the company and the employees.”

“Through their initiatives, we are able to provide our employees with the best options
for coverage possible. They have also assisted us with building a wellness program
that has impacted