Alerts of Industry Trends and Programs

As a client of Broad Reach Benefits we keep you up-to-date about new developments in insurance and employee benefits, the impact on you and tips to maximize what’s already out there. You won’t need to read Employee Benefit News or other publications from cover to cover each week to be informed. Through a series of communications (Email alerts, BRB Client Access postings, calls from our team, etc.) you’ll always know what’s going on in the world of employee benefits.

Recent and Proposed Regulations

You’ll be provided with practical summaries of the latest benefit regulations that you need to know about. These are provided in an executive summary format that quickly lets you grasp each concept. Should you want to learn more you’ll find detailed discussions as well as links to any government sites.

Legislative Guides and Updates

When you need detailed information regarding legislative issues just log into BRB Client Access. You’ll find executive summaries, as well as detailed guides, about federal legislation such as HIPAA, HIPAA Privacy Rules, COBRA, FMLA , Section 125 and Medicare Part D.