Workplace Wellness Programs

At Broad Reach Benefits we use an integrated measures-based approach to help our clients improve their health care bottom line. Our Wellness Programs enable our clients to realize long-term sustainable control.  Without controlling the underlying factors which are contributing to higher health care costs an organizations expenditures will continue to climb unchecked.

Wellness programs refer to the education and activities that a workplace may implement to promote healthy lifestyles to employees and their families.

Examples of wellness programming include, but not limited to:

Health education classes,
Subsidized use of fitness facilities,
Internal policies that promote healthy behavior, and
Any other activity, policy or environmental change that affects the health of employees.

Wellness Samples
We can design a simple or complex wellness program depending on how aggressively your organization wishes to proceed.  Many programs require a minimal investment of time and money.  More substantial programs often use more resources, but the many benefits to supporting and encouraging employee health and wellness outweigh the costs.

A wellness program will impact your company’s bottom line by:

Helping control rising healthcare costs,
Increasing employee productivity, and
Increasing employee morale.

We can build and customize a wellness program specific to your employee’s needs and healthcare data and will deliver the tools you need to get a successful wellness program off the ground.  We will help you:

Gather claims data, a needs and interest survey, health risk assessment aggregate results, prescription drug utilization, culture audit and other pertinent data. From this data we will make some recommendations regarding the types of programs you will want to offer.

Build a strategic wellness plan that incorporates specific goals and objectives.

Help support the implementation of the wellness plan with specific resources and communication vehicles

Evaluate and refine the plan over time.