Broad Reach Benefits works with employers that are not getting the results they need from their current employee benefits broker or advisor that provides group health insurance.

We focus on employers that have over 30 employees to help them dramatically improve their employee benefits situation.  We control our client’s employee benefits costs, streamline their daily administration, improve their benefits, deal with Health Care Reform, act as an extension of their Human Resource department and make sure their employees, along with their families are all taken care of with a personal touch.

The companies, organizations, and firms we serve are based throughout the United States and work in a wide variety of industries such as:

They may have one location or several locations throughout the United States and have employees located throughout the world requiring coverage for their expatriate, host-country national and third country national (TCN) employees.

What all of these employers have in common is that they want to provide their employees with a quality employee benefits package to attract and retain the best workforce but are struggling to understand the implications of Health Care Reform and deal with the increasing costs and administration of providing benefits. They want a trusted employee benefits advisor to lay out a detailed employee benefits strategy and to oversee and handle the entire process so that they can focus on their core business.

Employee Benefits and Group Benefits

Are Some of These Statements True for You?

  • “Our rates keep going up by double-digits and all our broker comes up with is to reduce the benefits and pass the cost along to the employees.”
  • “Our broker keeps inviting us to webinars and inundates us with Health Care Reform materials.  All I want to know is how this impacts us and what I need to do.”
  • “We don’t have the time or resources to deal with claim and billing problems, let alone making sure we’re following all the rules we are supposed to.”
  • “Our current brokers are kind of old school. They just shop our plans and don’t bring any new ideas to the table.”
  • “We work with a large employee benefits firm and they don’t pay attention to us except when it’s time to renew our policies or when they want to sell us something.”
  • “We call with a claim problem and we never hear back. We have to keep following up. Meanwhile, the employee is yelling at me because they are getting threatening letters for non-payment.”
  • “Our broker is nowhere to be found.  We only deal with her account manager and customer service people.”
  • “I’m sick of being charged for every paperclip and FedEx by our consultant. Where’s the value?”
  • “The broker that came in and sold us was very impressive.  But once we agreed to go with him and his firm we were handed off to a junior account team.”

Now that you know the kind of clients we work with and some of their common pro