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This is the Employee Communications category of the Broad REach Benefits blog. At Broad Reach Benefits, we focus on employers that have between 30 and 500 benefit eligible employees. We’re employee benefit specialists, not a big box brokerage firm or payroll company with a sales force peddling policies.

Broad Reach Benefits, Inc Launches Private Exchange

Broad Reach Benefits, a leading consulting and employee benefits brokerage firm, recently launched a private exchange to help clients manage their employee benefits program. In addition to health insurance options, this online benefits portal will provide access to a wide range of benefits, including dental, vision, life and disability coverage from national and regional insurance carriers.

Built on a defined contribution chassis, the private exchange can position clients to save money by structuring their health benefits on a predictable, budget-based platform. The exchange, offered through Broad Reach Benefits, is easy to deploy and easily understandable by employees.

While the Broad Reach Benefits private insurance exchange will serve as an alternative to state exchanges, businesses will be able to take advantage of this exchange option prior to 2014 when the state exchanges are slated to begin offering coverage.

Broad Reach Benefits specializes in understanding what drives increased costs within our clients populations and provides a solutions-based approach that blends employee benefits consulting, diversified products, underwriting expertise and cutting edge technology.  This strategy is designed to control costs, mitigate risk, enhance and support human resource teams and provide for the needs of employees and their families.

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Overcoming Language Barriers in Benefits Communications

From the beginning, the United States has been a multi-cultural nation.  As immigrants streamed into the U.S. through the gates of Ellis Island, they brought their culture and languages along with them, earning America the nickname, The Melting Pot.  This demographic reality has continued to the present day, as people of different cultures, religions, races, and languages live in our multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic society.

Recent statistics reflect the linguistic diversity of this country. For example, according to a 2007 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, 19.5% of the U.S. population over the age of 5 speaks a foreign language.  Of those speaking a language other than English, more than 60% speak Spanish/Creole; 19% Indo-European; 15% Asian Languages; and 1% other.  Nearly 68% of foreign language speakers in the U.S. are between the ages of 18 and 64, and many of these individuals are part of the American workforce.  Language diversity among employees can present a variety of challenges related to (among other things) the communication of employee benefits.


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